2020 Info Coming Soon!


We work with Hunter Police and other various security departments to create the safest possible environment for you. Police officers are on site for your safety, so please do not hesitate to ask them for assistance if you feel unsafe.

We want every guest attending Taste of Country Music Festival to feel safe and know we are here to protect you. Below you will find general guidelines on how you can help, and how we are working to make this year the safest year yet!


    • Have a list of emergency contact info, allergies and medications on your person in case our emergency team needs to know!
    • REGISTER YOUR WRISTBAND! This process will actually ask you for your name and your emergency contact information, so that it is linked to you at all times!
    • Mother nature can be unpredictable! Though we will be monitoring the weather at all times, to prepare, it’s important that you check the weather right before leaving for the event. This way you can be prepared with rain gear, warm clothes, or anything else you may need to be comfortable in the case of unpleasant weather!
    • Stay hydrated and be prepared for sun! It can get very hot in June at Hunter Mountain, make sure you have plenty of sunscreen and a good plan for having water near you at all times! (Remember empty Camelbaks and plastic water bottles are allowed in, bring them and take advantage of our water fill stations located on the map!)


      • IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING. Whether it’s someone looking ill, an unruly guest, or something that seems suspicious – Grab the nearest police officer, security or staff member for immediate assistance!
      • Take a moment to look over the map, locate all medical tents and emergency exits so you know the quickest way to safety in an emergency!
      • Be considerate of those around you! There are a lot of people attending and all for one reason — TO HAVE FUN! Let’s make Taste of Country enjoyable for everyone!


      • STAY CALM! There are teams available to help and plans in place in case of emergency. Keep you and others around you calm and listen to any instructions given to you by an emergency responder or security officer.
      • Follow the emergency exit signs. Please take a moment to review the map and look for the emergency exits. These exits will also be marked with signs in the venue, so take a moment once you enter to make yourself familiar with their locations in the event of an evacuation.
      • KEEP UP-TO-DATE! In the event of an evacuation or emergency we will post updates via our social network pages and app: TwitterFacebookAppWebsite. Keep your eyes on these sites for all safety and scheduling updates!



For the security of everyone at Taste of Country, all people and vehicles on festival grounds are subject to a full and complete search prior to entry, at both the campgrounds and venue. This may include a full body pat-down and magnetometer screening before entry. If you would like to be screened by security personnel of your same gender, please let security personnel know prior to the search process. Screening of children will always take place with the consent of a parent or guardian. 

SMALL BAG POLICY: All bags will be searched before entry

      • Bags will be restricted to small purses and draw string bags and may not exceed 14″ x 11″ x 5″ (35cm x 28cm x 12cm).
      • Backpacks and bags with multiple pockets are prohibited.
      • Camelbaks are allowed but must be empty and have only one additional pocket.

      We recommend a cinch bag or single-pocket fanny-pack.

      Don’t want to wait in a long line?! Follow these tips to a quick and easy security check:

          • Know the allowed and prohibited items list (see below)
          • SMALL BAGS ONLY!! See above Small Bag Policy.
          • Have bags open and ready to be searched, ALL bags will be searched upon entry of the festival grounds, make sure you are prepared so we can keep the line cruising!

          Any person that refuses to follow security policies will be refused entry to the event.

          EXIT & RE-ENTRY

          Single day ticket holders will NOT be able to leave the venue and re-enter. Weekend ticket holders are able to come and go as they please but will go through the security screening EVERY TIME they enter the venue. 


              • SMALL BAGS – Bags will be restricted to small purses and draw string bags and may not exceed 14″ x 11″ x 5″ (35cm x 28cm x 12cm). No bags or backpacks with multiple pockets, Camelbaks can only have one additional pocket and must be empty upon entry.
              • Blankets and small chairs
              • Hats
              • Rain gear
              • Ear plugs
              • 1 sealed water bottle per person
              • Empty Camelbaks with only one pocket and empty refillable water bottle
              • Camera (basic cameras only – nothing with a detachable lens)
              • Bug spray
              • Sunscreen
              • Physician prescribed medications – name must match with carrier’s government issued ID, and must not be expired
              • Positive attitude!


          These items will be confiscated and not returned.

              • Firearms, explosives, or weapons of any kind, including but not limited to pocket knives, pepper spray, and tasers
              • Glass bottles or containers of any kind
              • Bicycles/scooters/go-carts/ATVs/skateboards
              • Fireworks
              • Kites
              • Umbrellas
              • Alcohol of any kind
              • Tents of any kind
              • Pets
              • Outside food and beverages
              • Coolers
              • Drones or any other remote flying device
              • Professional grade radios or walkie talkies
              • Any and all professional audio recording and/or video recording equipment
              • Professional cameras and equipment (any camera with a detachable lens)

          Remember, a violation of festival rules or policies could result in immediate removal from festival grounds and loss of wristband and parking pass.


          For those of you spending the entire weekend on the grounds with us we want to make sure you feel safe and ready for a weekend full of fun! There will be various safety officers patrolling the grounds to ensure the safest possible environment.

          Anyone entering or wishing to enter any of our campgrounds at Taste of Country Music Festival must have a 3-day admission ticket with campground access. This ticket does not give you a campsite to camp in, but just the ability to go in and out of the campgrounds for the weekend.

          Campground access is available on 3-day General Admission, Outlaw, and Super Outlaw tickets. Campground Access is not available for single day ticket holders.

          Hunter Highlands residents and guests: In order to cut through the campgrounds to access the festival, you MUST purchase an admission ticket with campground access. If you do not have this, you will be denied entry at our campground entrances.

          Confused on what ticket you need to buy in order to camp? See here!


              • Please beware of bears! Don’t leave food or garbage out or around your tent/campsite.
              • No cruising! There will be a lot of foot traffic and shuttle traffic throughout the campgrounds. If you need to get somewhere within the grounds please utilize our campground shuttle or golf cart services to reduce the amount of traffic our roadways see!
              • STAY WITHIN THE LINES OF YOUR SITE! All roadways are considered fire lanes and are used for emergencies. Failure to stay within your site can result in towing of vehicle or camper, at owner’s expense.
              • Always secure your campsite! Taste of Country is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items.
              • Make sure your vehicle pass is clearly visible and parked in the correct location. Any vehicle without a clearly visible pass or parked in the incorrect location will be towed at the owner’s expense.


              • Propane grills – IN CAR AND RV CAMPGROUNDS ONLY (Please see specifications below)
              • Generators – IN RV AREAS ONLY (Please see specifications below) 


          These items will be confiscated and not returned.

              • Illegal substances of any kind
              • Firearms or weapons of any kind
              • Large hammers or sledge hammers
              • Glass containers or bottles of any kind
              • Fireworks
              • Pets
              • Kegs
              • More alcohol than reasonable for personal consumption
              • Gasoline and liquid accelerants except for gasoline used for generators in RV Campgrounds
              • Propane tanks larger than 16.4 ounces except for RV Campgrounds
              • Generators are prohibited in all areas – except for RV Campgrounds
              • Open flame, including charcoal or wood fires, of any kind
              • Grills of any kind – in tent camping and Near Car camping areas – for all other camping areas please see your grilling specifications below
              • External speakers, furniture, refrigerators, or carpeting
              • Golf carts/ATVs/scooters/skateboards
              • Drones or any other remote flying device

              Please note: this list of items is subject to change at any time by the New York State Department of Health. Please cooperate with Taste of Country Music Festival staff by abiding by their regulations. Security will be checking for and will confiscate any prohibited items. All confiscated items will not be returned.


              Generator Restrictions:

              Generators will ONLY be permitted in RV camping areas.

              Grilling Restrictions:

              CAR CAMPSITES: Grills and stoves with a grilling surface area no larger than 450 square inches (20x 22.5 or 15×30). No propane tanks will be allowed larger than 16.4 ounces.

              RV CAMPSITES: Only propane grills are allowed. There are no restrictions on size of grill nor size of propane tanks in RV Campsite areas only.


              Your safety is our No. 1 priority and we’ve worked hard with the New York Department of Health (DOH) to ensure everyone has a safe and fun stay on the mountain. Per DOH safety regulations, grilling, cooking or open flames of any kind will not be allowed in the tent camping area. There will be a central charcoal grilling area in tent camping where staff will provide grills and will be maintaining them throughout the festival from 5 – 8 PM on Thursday and 8 AM – 8 PM on Friday through Sunday. Tent campers should bring your food, bring your cooking utensils, then leave the grill at home and we’ll get you fired up!


              Tent Camping

                  • A minimum of 5 feet of separation must be maintained between all tents in the tent camping area.
                  • Tents are not permitted in the painted walkways in the campground areas.
                  • Per New York Department of Health regulations, grilling of any kind will not be allowed in the tent camping area. Staff will facilitate a central charcoal grilling area in tent camping during designated times that will be posted closer to the festival.
                  • Tent Tags must be clearly displayed at all times.
                  • Portable restrooms are available 24 hours a day in the campground areas.
                  • Sites are unassigned.

              Car Camping

                  • Only one vehicle is permitted per campsite.
                  • Only one walled tent is allowed per car camping site. Maximum size 10ft x 10ft including vestibules and attachments.
                  • Vehicle, tents, pop-up shelters, and camping activities must fit entirely within a 10×30 space.
                  • Vehicles may not be moved after being parked by event staff.
                  • Propane grills and stoves are permitted provided that the grilling surface is no larger than 450 square inches (20×22.5 or 15×30).
                  • Propane tanks cannot be larger than 16.4 ounces.

              RV Camping

                  • There is not a water hookup for RVs. Water is available for delivery for an additional charge. Please call 518-719-6403 for water fill-up or pumping.
                  • Campfires are NOT permitted.
                  • Sewage pump is available for an additional charge.
                  • Electric hook ups are available for Mountain Top Campsites only.
                  • Generators are allowed in RV Campgrounds.
                  • Only one steering wheel vehicle is allowed per RV site.
                  • Only propane grilling is allowed. There are no restrictions on the size of the tank or grill. 

                  The festival will have safety staff monitoring the placement of generators, grills, and stoves to ensure that it is safely placed and operated within the campground.  They will also be monitoring all tents, cars, and sites to ensure guests are following all safety regulations. Failure to comply with campground safety policies can result in removal from festival grounds.